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EPISODE XXVI: A Message To You, from Rudies.

July 21st, 2012

Potatowaste here.

Sadly, this episode starts off with a much different tone than you may be used to.  It's a message for all of you.

I'm sorry that I couldn't speak the words myself.  Each time I tried I was reduced to tears.


The following is a statement to the people of Colorado from the crew at An Elegant Weapon.

Through this podcast we have been able to meet and speak with some beautiful people from the State of Colorado.

The recent and unfortunate events that took place in Aurora left the hosts of this podcast in a saddened state. The future of this podcast was actually put into question at one point.

The insensitive comments made in social media forums by fellow podcasters was ugly. We do not wish to be grouped with such individuals, nor do we want to spend our time working on this broadcast for the entertainment of such people.

However, after some discussion we havae come to the decision that, just like the families and friends of the victims of the massacre, we also need to grieve, heal, and move forward.

We know that the majority of our listeners are beautiful people with big hearts.

We understand that we actually may be a source of laughter ina time when laughter could be a hard thing to come by.

We also know that we have peers who live in the State of Colorado, the State which currently bleeds. So, to you we say that we love you, and will always be here for you.


Sean and Jay

An Elegant Weapon

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